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Free shipping on all prepaid orders above ₹1599 on all orders across India
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How cold does the inside get?

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge chills products up to 20°c below room temperature. Products never freeze or spoil as our built in low-temperature protection always keep internal temperatures above 2°c.

How warm does it get?

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge not only chills products but can also heat products and packs up to 45-55°c.

How do you power/charge it?

Our fridge comes with a UK mains power plug and a car adapter, meaning you can use on the go.

How long does it take for the fridge to change temperature?

It takes up to 2-3 hours for the STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge to reach is maximum temperatures, whether that be in chilling or heating mode.

How much can you fit in the fridge?

You can store up to 4 litres of products in the fridge’s shelves or built in door basket.

What can you store in the fridge?

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge is designed to keep beauty products fresh, by preventing bacterial growth and preserving ingredient quality. We recommend keeping liquid makeup, skincare creams, masks, Vitamin C containing products, natural & organic products, nail polishes and sun creams in the fridge. We do not recommend storing food and drink with your beauty products.

What do I do if I have lost my instructions?

Please find a downloadable version of our instructions here.

Why does frost build up in my fridge and how do I get rid of it?

The Cooling Chip at the back of our fridge is integral to keeping internal temperatures in check, which can reach as low as 2-3°c when ambient temperatures are at 25°c. However, at the site of the Cooling Chip temperatures can reach as low as 0°c and therefore condensation may freeze and form small amounts of frost. To remove any build up of frost at the Cooling Chip, turn off your fridge and leave to defrost with the door open. Wipe away any frost and towel-dry the area. This will prevent the cooling function from being effected in future use.