Which are the best skin toners for every skin type in India?
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Which are the best skin toners for every skin type in India?

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Which are the best skin toners for every skin type in India?

Everyone, from every age group wants clear, healthy and glowing skin. We have spent a fortune over the years in trying to achieve this, hell, the beauty industry would completely collapse if we stopped desiring good skin. There are practically millions of products available in the market today that promise us the best skin ever, and some really do fulfill that promise.

But what is that one product that is really, really important, but is skipped by a lot of people and it is pretty much what stands between you and your desire for clear skin? Well, you guessed it, it is a face toner! One of the most underrated products available in the market today, it truly is the beauty secret that needs to be incorporated into your skin care regimen starting now!


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So what is toner exactly, you may ask. A toner is a most helpful product that provides extra cleansing by unclogging one’s pores and removing all traces of oil, dirt and grime, automatically leading to better skin. That's not all, some of a face toners other benefits are:

It shrinks pores: this is a huge benefit of toner. Regular use will remove oil and make your pores smaller, giving it a tighter, smoother look.

● It restores your skin’s PH balance: our skin is naturally acidic and soaps are usually alkaline. This messes with our skin’s PH balance, forcing our skin to work overtime to return to its normal level, causing excess build up of sebum and oil which is not good for the skin. Using a toner will help restore this balance quickly and get you to return to its normal level faster.
● It helps to protect skin from the elements: facial toners are formulated to help your skin stay clean and undamaged by environmental stressors, especially pollutants in the air.
● It aids skin in retaining moisture: Facial toners are naturally hydrating and are excellent at their job of absorbing moisturiser, making sure your skin soaks in all the benefits of the moisturizer of your choice.
● It’s super refreshing and soothes skin: spritzing your face with toner is the perfect way to start and end your day. It also leaves you with a calming sensation on your skin, and helps in giving relief from any kind of temporary redness or discomfort.
● It helps with removing oil, sebum and makeup: a facial toner is a great way for cleansing your pores of all the gunk and impurities it may have attracted in the day or night.


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Now that we know how fabulous facial toners are, we come to the difficult choice of choosing the best face toner in India for our skin type. Facial toner prices in India vary from premium to luxe, so pick what suits your budget. Steer clear of alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, fragrances, phthalates and parabens in your toner as they are harsh on the skin and will dry it out. Opt for the following ingredients in your toner:

Rose water oil: rose water has a wealth of benefits, starting from removing impurities from skin to temporarily tightening it. It works on all skin types and is extremely refreshing in the summer.

● Tea Tree Oil: Since time immemorial, tea tree has been known to help unclog pores and remove build up from the skin’s surface which may cause acne. This ingredient does wonders as far as pore minimization is concerned and renews one's skin's freshness.
● Green Tea: This ingredient is truly magical and is known for its antioxidant properties. An ancient ingredient, it's great for rejuvenating tired skin and evens out its appearance.
● Aloe Vera: known for its soothing effects, this ingredient provides a boost of hydration and relieves temporary redness and discomfort.
● Witch Hazel: another ingredient that has been used for a long time in ancient cultures, it is known for promoting an even skin tone and helps in balancing natural oils and helps to unclog pores.

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Your best bet is always to choose natural ingredients and avoid harsh ingredients. So get a facial toner and make it a permanent addition to your bathroom shelf and see the difference it makes to your skin.

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